Friday, February 19, 2016

Playlist: Peaceful Instrumental

As one of several children raised by a mom who lived and breathed music, I have always had a fond appreciation for musicians and music of all kinds. Whenever I've been surrounded by the noise of the world for too long, I cleanse my mind with instrumental music. Music has the power to lift us up, make us cry, soothe our stresses, or clear our heads.

This month's playlist is the polar opposite of last month's list. These peaceful instrumental melodies move me, and stir up a joyful, serene feeling. This list is all about soothing our souls with peaceful, contemplative, instrumental music. Some of the songs are played with guitars, some banjos, violins, and -- my favorite instrument to play -- the piano.

Since only one of the songs has any lyrics at all, this is also a great playlist to listen to for focus. It helps me feel peace while working on projects, writing, or just reading a book in my bed.

My favorite songs from this list are:

+ Nocturne in E-flat Major by Chopin
+ Theme (from Schindler's List) by Itzhak Perlman
+ Ashoken Farewell by Goldmund
+ Hole in the Ocean Floor by Andrew Bird

++ What do you think of this list? What songs would you add for peaceful concentration? 

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  1. Lovely. A perfect music pick for a Friday after a crazy only week.
    xoxo Mickey

  2. I love Andrew Bird, and Nocturne in E-flat Major is one of my favorites! cheers - @paperheartsco

  3. This is such beautiful music!!! <3<3<3


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