Friday, January 22, 2016

Playlist: Dance Off

Hello, Friday. We've been waiting for you all week. You are our favorite day because you signify the end of a workweek and the beginning to our days of fun and freedom.

The other night after a particularly long commute home in snow and construction, I created a short playlist of just three tracks. I danced out all my negative energy and basically let my freak flag fly. I had such a good time that I added ninety more minutes of killer danceable tracks to the list, and behold! This magical, stupendous, incredible dance playlist was born. I like it so much that I've spent a few hours off and on this week dancing to my heart's content.

We all need to shake things off, and dancing our little hearts out can do the trick. Crank this up, and let your freak flag fly. Dance off the week, and dance yourself into weekend oblivion.

Favorite tracks? All of them. If I had to choose the best one? Hmmm...this is a very tough choice, but I'm really feeling Missy Elliott's WTF at this very moment while I write this.

The playlist covers a wide span of years because I couldn't leave out some great ones from my high school and college dance parties. Oh, and there's a hidden gem by an old rock band that is THE BESSSSSTTTT. (Hint: their band name rhymes with Tweet.)

I know I sure will.

Special Note: For those with little kids within earshot, or those at work, these tracks are not edited and some do contain explicit lyrics.

+++What's your favorite dance track on this list? Are there any I forgot? Share with me in the comments, if you're not too busy dancing!

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  1. LOVE THIS POST ... I dance like its nobodies business to release negative energy with the benefit of exercise

  2. Calvin Harris - feel so close. I love calvin harris!

  3. Great post and I shared this on my Pinterest. My favorite on the list was Get Low- brings me straight back to my law school days when me and my girlfriends would drink lots of wine and make bad decisions. Cheers!

  4. I have to admit that I haven't heard of a single one of these songs! I guess I'm old.

  5. YASSS!! I love your playlist! We have dance parties at my house, but it usually involves disney tracks.. ugh ;)

    1. HAHAHA. Maybe blast this one through your head phones while disney plays?

  6. Nice. You've got some good ones on there. I love to dance it out and get all my stress out.


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