Friday, December 18, 2015

A Gift Guide for the Plant Lovers in Your Life

I realize it's getting a bit down to the wire, but this post can also be saved for other times of the year if you need to get a gift for a green thumb, plant lover, or garden guru in your life. For those of us that are obsessed with gardening, and growing things, this time of year seems a bit off. It's too cold to garden here in northern Utah. The ground is covered in snow, and while it's gorgeous out there, it leaves me having to find other things to do instead of my standard garden all evening until it's dark routine. 

Often when asked for Christmas gift ideas of what I want, I struggle to come up with anything besides a gift card. So, I took to the internet, and found a bunch of great ideas. Check out these gift ideas and maybe grab one of them for that special someone in your life that prefers to have their hands in the dirt. The best part is, nothing is over $50.00!

1. This Veggies T Shirt - $19.99

2. These garden related mugs. - $40 for set - I actually want these. They're super adorable, and I love that they show the growth of the veggies with cute illustrations. 

4. Fun prints like this print, this one, or also this one.  $4.99+

6. Other great ideas are a gift card to a local nursery, a small potted plant, a really cool pot for any of their current plants, or a book with vivid photos on garden/potting designs. 

+What other garden-related ideas do you have? What do you want to get your gardener?

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