Monday, September 14, 2015

Why We Should #NeverForget

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It feels as if so many of us these days are upset with how things are going in our country. Upset that things aren't copacetic, or peaceful. Upset that people are still treated unequally. Upset that Politicians are still not trustworthy. Upset that authority is being abused, or disrespected. Upset that equality seems to be a thing that causes discord, whether we are looking at the lack of it, or the fight for it.  

I don't proclaim to understand politics, in fact, I get lost in their discussions because I don't believe a word any of them say. I understand the principles behind philosophy and debate. I understand how that works, and because such, I don't seem to be able to stand behind any political party in any election. I don't proclaim to know how to fix our country's demise. I don't proclaim to believe that it is totally in demise. I basically am lost to all of this, other than something feels wrong. Our society is so narcissistic, entitled, lost, and a mess. It's a wonder anyone can even run our country with all of us bumbling around. I have stopped watching the news, and have stopped entering into political discussions with people (aside from this post), because it all seems wrong. The way people go about equality is wrong, the way people treat other people is wrong. It's all wrong. The only way we'll ever change is if we actually change ourselves. 

Because very few people actually are willing to focus on the ways they themselves need improvement, and most are readily able to point the finger of blame elsewhere, this will likely not happen. We all spent last Friday sharing where we were on September 11, 2001, and how it has changed our lives. We even shared the hashtag #neverforget. But why? Why are you remembering? Are you remembering it because all the people died a horrible, unexpected death? Maybe you lost someone in the incidents of that day. Are you remembering it because evil people took it upon themselves to hurt our country's spirit? Are you remembering it because it happened? Are you sharing your memories because it's popular on Facebook, Twitter, and in the media? 

Why are you choosing to never forget? There are many good reasons to never forget. But, it feels like many of us out there are saying they'll never forget and have no idea why. 

If you choose to remember what happened on September 11, 2001, and what happened on D-Day, and during the Holocaust, and what happened when our country dropped an atom bomb on Hiroshima virtually destroying an area of the world for decades to come, and all of the other tragedies of the world, actually think about why you are remembering. 

I believe the reason we should remember these things isn't to remember that tragedy happens, bad people exist, militaries need to be strong, we need to fight for our rights. I believe it is simply this: to remember that while all of this occurs in the world, we can be better. We can be a safe house for people. We can be the type of person that won't hurt others, and instead pours out love. We can be respectful, honest, loyal, friendly, kind, helpful, civil, tolerant, and humane. 

Never forget, but never forget that the power is completely in you and all of us to change the world.  

Viktor Frankl said it best after surviving life in a concentration camp fueled by what happens when hatred is allowed to spread, when people forget to be good people and forget to stick up for humanity at all costs: 

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++ So... what can you change within you, to change the world?

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