Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Simple Life Tweak: Change Your Words

Simple Life Tweak: Change Your Words

Things have been messing up lately. You feel like it's piling on. Not all of it is a big problem, though. For example, this morning you got up early for once, but then little things kept happening. You stubbed your toe, tripped on the cat, or even smudged breakfast on your shirt and you have an important client meeting so you have to change. Now, you're behind schedule. This stresses you out, you start to get frazzled and little by little the positivity you woke up with disappears. 

You find yourself sitting there in backed up traffic, thinking, "Life is ALWAYS messy, everything is going wrong. Why can't I just get it together?"

This way of thinking really effects our mood, and the future events of the day. These thoughts don't just come into our minds while feeling stress, they perpetuate even more stress!

The best solution?
A simple word change. Insert the word "Some".

"Life is SOMEtimes messy. SOMEthings are going wrong. I have it together SOMEtimes."

A word change is all it took to turn those thoughts into forgiving, positive, affirmations. These sentences acknowledge the issues, but allow you to let the negative energy go, and your day can once again be a good one.

Whether we like it or not, the things we say to ourselves effect our entire self. Those thoughts lead to unnecessary stress. That stress can lead to anxiety. That anxiety, if not reduced, can lead to health issues. Stress is something that we can't always control. Sometimes, it's a natural response to a negative situation. It keeps us safe when we need to take care of ourselves, so we don't want to NEVER stress. It would put us in danger.

The great news is, though, we can absolutely control our stress SOME of the time. 

++ So, guys, change your words, change your life. 

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  1. Another beautiful post by my lovely and talented niece.


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