Friday, August 21, 2015

New Playlist: Elevate

Elevate Playlist Blue Sky Road Mountains

Sometimes life feels amazing, and you need a playlist to match. This playlist really gets me through the good mood days in life. It is curated by me, and full of songs that just blast a fun, energetic, mood. Give it a listen. It works for a commute, a workday, an anyday.

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Track List:

Elevate - St. Lucia // Benny Goodman - Saint Motel // Right On Track - The Griswolds // On My Side - Ghost Beach // Midnight City - M83 // Young Blood - The Naked and Famous // Forever - Youngblood Hawke // Into The Fire - Wolf Gang // Closer Than This - St. Lucia // My Type - Saint Motel // Girls Like You - The Naked And Famous // Feeling Electric - Parade of Lights // I Need You - M83 // Shut Up And Dance - Walk The Moon // The King And All Of His Men - Wolf Gang // Punching In A Dream - The Naked And Famous // Coming of Age - Foster The People // Reunion - M83 // Tell All your Friends - Chad Valley

++ Are you dancing yet?

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