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Joyful Adventures: 5 Fun Free Dates

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I don't know about you guys, but money is quite tight around here as of late. I'm sure it has something to do with my husband and I both quitting our jobs within the past year to start new careers from scratch. It's awesome and, weirdly enough, we've never been happier, but our bank accounts have shrunk to necessity purchases only. Because of that, we have stuck to doing things as freely as possible. 

Because free events are all we can afford right now, and I figure everyone could use a little money-saving in their lives, I compiled a short list of some of my favorite easy, free, date activities.

1. Play a game of HORSE

Last night after work, we decided to take our cheap Walmart-purchased basketball out to the neighborhood court and play a game of HORSE. Neither of us have shot hoops in our entire relationship together. We were, needless to say, quite rusty. It was hilarious.

Because we're both so terrible at basketball, it took us both thirty minutes to even get to HO, so we played a nice little game of HO and left off the RSE. The best part of the little mini-date? A lot of things, actually, namely exercise, silliness, and the invention of my 6'4" tall, male, alter-ego named Stingray Jones. When he's not on the court, he moonlights in a jazz ensemble playing the piano and occasionally the upright bass. My husband said (after the game), "That was fun, we should do that once a week, it reminded me how funny I've always thought you are."

If you're just beginning your relationship, this is perfect for encouraging playful flirting, and breaking the touch barrier. It also takes the pressure off of an awkward stare-at-eachother-across-the-table situation (my least favorite date activity), and opens you up. If you're long-term lovers, this encourages some playfulness that you can lose with the rigor of daily life and can lead to a simple improvement in your relationship.

Summary: Playing together encourages exercise, flirtation, and downright silliness -- the makings of the perfect date.   

2. Cook dinner together

I'm a really good cook. My husband usually just ends up hanging out and chatting while I make the food, but it's much more fun than cooking by myself. 

My favorite meal to make together is tacos -- lots of chopping equals lots of time together both prepping the meal. Plus, tacos are always delicious.

Summary: Cooking together encourages conversation, and you work as a team. The building blocks of a great date, and a great relationship. Plus, if the food sucks, it's something you can laugh about and you can setup a second date of cooking to redeem yourselves. 

3. Go for a walk

My favorite thing about this is checking out the beautiful landscaping in everyone's yards. I love to examine small vegetable gardens, flower beds, and even meet the friendly neighborhood pets. I wrote about the benefits of this here.  I love going on walks, it's one of our favorite things to do!

Summary: It gets you out in the fresh air, either the night sky or the sunshine, and encourages lots of conversation. Also, hand holding is encouraged. If it's cold, it's the perfect time for a guy to make his cuddle move, and pull you in close to keep you warm.

4. Play cards

If you've ever played cards with someone you know things can get a little heated. The trash-talking comes out, and things get crazy. Bets are made, and friendly competition is to be had. The best date setting for cards? Build a little fire, heat up some coffee, tea, or hot cocoa, and sit inside playing cards while the winter storms blow outside. If it's not cold where you are, it's fun to play cards on a blanket in the park followed by some cloudgazing. 

Favorite card games include: Speed, California Speed, War, Uno... they're all fun. 

Summary: Cards, betting a kiss or two, and trash-talking is the magic ingredient to a great date. Don't forget to collect your winner's kiss afterward!

5. Have a mini dance party

This is one of my favorites, and it happens impromptu-style at our house quite often. One of us will crank up some music, and then ten minutes of wacky dancing ensues. The best part of this? My husband is a great dancer, and I am a flailer. It's the gangly arms, they ruin any chance of attractive dancing I could ever have. They make for great laughs though. 

Music that's great for an impromptu dance party: 
2015 Hits 

Summary: Crank up the music, dance, laugh, play. It's all you need for a fun night. Plus, if your day was stressful, it will work all the stress off quickly!

There you have it, free dates are perfect for flirting, even if you've known each other for years. Now, go have some free fun. 

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  1. Thanks for the reminder about HORSE! We played it a couple of summers ago and had such a fun time. I've been sooo busy this year but it'd be nice to break out the basketball again.

    And I go for walks every week, whether it's with a friend or my boyfriend. I find it to be such a great way to catch up and relax!

    1. Agreed! Seriously, all of these are great date or friend night activities. Also, if you have bored kids they are great family activities, too!

  2. Lana I LOVE this!!! Haha gangly arms..and your game of HO. We are also super big on the freebie dates. One that we do (that sometimes turns into spending..oops) is looking for weird foods in the grocery store, or just looking at things in Target that we normally would glance over. We have fun making fun of things. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

    1. I love doing that, too. We have a very hard time not buying those things though. We love new food, and loooove Target.


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