Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Real Life Stories: Priscilla Of The Wheelchair Mommy

I choose Joy by living and loving my life and sharing it with other people. 

TJB: Priscilla, I looked at your site and was so excited you wanted to share your story with us! What does having joy mean to you? 

Priscilla: Joy. Smiling. Laughing. It means finding the bright side of everything. It means living life. It means seeing my kids smile. It means seeing my husband smile and seeing my mom and siblings smile. It's hearing a new mom tell me THANK YOU.

TJB: What things bring you joy? 

Priscilla: LIFE. Being alive brings me joy. Raising my family brings me joy. Writing brings me joy. 

TJB: Describe in detail a time or event in your life where you dealt with a mountain that seemed impossible to climb. 

Priscilla: The car wreck that left me paralyzed was definitely a turning point and I had to decide my future. I could accept my injury and go on to live the normal life than I had planned, but do it sitting down. The other option was to close myself in and pity myself for what I had lost and miss out on everything wonderful and amazing life could still offer me. When I realized the only thing I lost was the ability to walk and feel below my waist, the choice was obvious.

TJB: That's truly an amazing outlook! How did you make it through? 

Priscilla: I like people far to much to close myself in, and it's hard to feel sorry for yourself when you spend time around other people. There will always be someone or something that makes you grateful for the life you have, no matter how bad it may seem.

TJB: Did you choose happiness as a way through it? If so, what things did you do to bring happiness into your challenges? 

Priscilla: I didn't let the chair hold me back. I knew I was still beautiful and sexy and had so much to offer. I met my husband and we have been happily married for 12.5 years and have 3 beautiful babies. Well, they aren;t babies anymore. They are now 4,7, and 10. 

TJB: What did you learn from those experiences? 

Priscilla: I learned that life is just that. Life. Everyone wants to love and be loved. We all go about it different ways and we can all either love our life or hate it. I chose to love mine 

TJB: How do you choose joy now? (If you do.) 

Priscilla: I choose Joy by living and loving my life and sharing it with other people. There are so many newly injured people every day and they don't know how they will live life again. I do my best to show them that anything is possible. I feel like my answers are so short and simple but for me it really is. I made a choice and I live it. Simply. Now it's not easy everyday but I just remind myself over and over what could have been and I remember. Joy. Happy. Life. 

TJB: Priscilla, thanks so much for being a part of this series. Your willingness to be happy and love life is such a breath of fresh air. You can catch up with Priscilla at any of the places below.

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    1. Thank you for being willing to share. I loved doing yours! Your positive outlook is contagious.

  2. I've been to Priscilla's blog a few times. I loved reading more about her awesome outlook and just her, in general. Thanks for sharing, Priscilla! Your family is adorable. :)

    I love the joy blog and everything it's about.


    1. Did you mean to paste the link to my post in a comment?

    2. I just thought I'd check in case you meant to do something else. I do stuff all the time and don't realize. Haha.

  4. So inspiring! Thanks for sharing your story!

  5. Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring, I love it!!

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