Friday, June 26, 2015

Freebies: Botanical Wallpapers

Hi Guys! It's time again for some free stuff for your screens. I am obsessed with plants this year, (as you all well know), and I've taken some awesome pictures to go along with my obsession. Since I love them so much, and statistics have proven that people are happier when surrounded by nature, I thought I'd make something to share this love with all of you. Feel free to dress up your screens with the below wallpapers.

To download wallpaper:

+ Click image below to open full-size version. (You can also right click and select View Image)
+ Right click full-size image.
+ Click Save As
+ Choose your file location.
+ Add to your desktop or phone screen and enjoy the beauty of nature every time you open your computer or phone. Right now, I have the Coleus one on my phone!

Antique Roses - Wallpaper

Coleus For Days - Wallpaper

Peony - Wallpaper

++ Which one is your new background?

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